ChinSun company is the leading manufacturer in the high-voltage bushing industry in China.

ChinSun specializes in producing 52kV – 550kV transformer bushing, wall bushing, GIS bushing, bulk-oil breaker bushing, oil to SF6 bushing, bus bar bushing, and other kinds of hv insulation bushings.

The internal insulation types of the bushing are RIS (Resin Impregnated Synthetic) & RIP (Resin Impregnated Paper). The external insulation types of the bushing are brown porcelain housing insulators and grey UV protective silicone rubber sheds.

ChinSun founder: Dr. Pei-Guo Lee, graduated from Tsinghua University & got his Dr’s degree in Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

ChinSun employee education background: 4 staffs have earned a degree of master, 45 staffs hold a degree of bachelor.

We have gotten 15 items of national industry technology patent involved in the high-voltage bushing structure, bushing internal & external materials, bushing producing technology.

ChinSun is the main bushing supplier to the State Grid Corporation of China & China High-Speed Railway System.

We have provided bushings for more than 1,200 substation.The number of bushings we supplied has exceeded 30,000nos.

The unique values of ChinSun bushings:

ChinSun designs a solid structure for silicone rubber housed bushing and uses a special filling paste for porcelain housed bushing instead of normal filler (mineral oil or foamed polyurethane elastomeric.)

The problem of using a normal filler is oil leakage. Even if the internal insulation resolves the problem, there’s still a risk coming from the liquid/foam filler.

We promise you will get our most careful sales services.  Our products’ maintenance will also be as easy as possible – you only need to wipe down the dust by a soft cloth during power-off maintaining.

“Once into service, never out of running!” – ChinSun Bushings

ChinSun bushing performance standards: IEC 60137, GOST R55187, IEEE C57.19.01, GB/T 4109.

RIP Bushing or RIS Bushing?

Now You Need To Confirm

Resin Impregnated Synthetics (RIS) is the latest technology in high-voltage bushing industry (But, for ChinSun, in fact, we have had more than 10 years production experience). More and more power projects need paperless type bushings to ensure outstanding performance of their transformers. Yes, this is the current trend for HV bushings market needs.In fact, it has many similar points with Resin Impregnated Paper(RIP) technology. But, although RIS has many similar properties compared to Resin Impregnated Paper (RIP) technology, RIS really stands out in the following aspects:

– RIS bushing has no hygroscopic material like paper being used and therefore easier to store.

– Partial discharge free-up to double phase to ground voltage.

-ChinSun RIS bushing technology is one of ChinSun company’s national patent. So, ChinSun as the original innovator of this kind of RIS bushing, is a strong competitor in technique and price.

– It meets not only all the specifications required in IEC 60137 and also the electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of the relevant IEEE standards. ChinSun’s RIS bushings are characterized by a very low dielectric loss factor tanδ typically < 0.35%, while the bushings’  electrical design and void-free impregnation process guaranteed their partial discharge free up to twice the maximum phase-to-ground operating voltage, specified at a PD measurement background noise of 2 pC. These data are much better than those specified in IEC standard for RIP bushings, i.e.  dielectric loss <0.7%, PD level <10 pC and <5 pC at 1.5 and 1.05 times of maximum phase to ground operating voltage respectively.

– Completely dry bushing, no oil leakage, no explosion risk

– No maintenance is required

– Transport and storage is possible in all positions

How To Know We Are Reliable?

ChinSun production workshop

252kV RIP Transformer Bushings
ChinSun Buhsing Lab for Routine Testing
High-voltage Porcelain Transformer Bushing

Projects photos of ChinSun bushing


Excellent Customers

Most of ChinSun customers are electrical equipment companies, power construction enterprises, power transformer manufacturers, power system giants including plants and transmissions/substations, and high-speed railway systems, etc. Whatever kinds of your business are, we welcome you to ChinSun to have a pleased visit.

ChinSun Valued Partners

ChinSun Bushings customers
126kV Wall Bushing Checking
Electrical Power Construction Co came to inspect ChinSun Bushing Company

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