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As a leading supplier of dry type high voltage RIP transformer bushing & RIP Wall bushing, ChinSun has been supplying high-quality electrical bushing products to such as ABB, XD, TBEA these famous companies.

We have been dominating the latest technology in electrical bushing's new materials in China. From before-sales drawing consulting service to production, we provide the shortest lead time.

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Product advantage

ChinSun@ HV wall bushing and transformer bushing are absolutely solid structure without oil or gas, no need for maintenance and will not leak oil or gas.

what’s the difference of RIP & OIP?
Product center
  • ABB
  • TBEA
  • China xidian group corperation
  • Taikai group
  • China Guodian Corporation
  • Wolong electric
  • Inner Mongolia power(group) co.,ltd
  • Hebei construction&investment group Co.,ltd
  • Shandong luneng taishan power equipment factory
  • Sinopec Group
  • Shandong dachi
  • Boading tianwei
  • State power investment corporation
  • CHNT
  • China huaneng group
  • Jingneng group
  • China national nuclear corporation
  • sanbian sci-tech
  • China gezhouba(group) corporation
How to Guide

Why more and more transformer substation like to choose Dry type bushing? Which exactly features does dry type electrical bushing has?

what Installation and maintenance instructions you should offer to your customers?

What to look for the right voltage bushing for your unique needs? Take a few minutes having a look at our “How To”. Let our instruction share to you these attentions.

More questions about Transformer bushing or wall bushing or GIS bushing or current transformer, please hesitate to contact with us!


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About Us

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