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Product Advantage

ChinSun@  HV Electrical Bushing Products Advantage


1 - ChinSun@ HV wall bushing and transformer bushing are absolutely solid structure without oil or gas, no need for maintenance and will not leak oil or gas.

2 - The insulation margin of the bushing is large and they use the semiconductor as the capacitive screen which improves the corona inception voltage greatly.

3 - They are made of refractory and insulation material which will not decompose. Their electric property is stable and there will be no danger of combustion and explosion, needless to say any damage to other equipment during operation.

4 - The products are with a compact construction ,the silicon rubber umbrella are small in size and with a light weight, which is easy for safe transport and they can be installed at any angle.

5 - The products are twined by epoxy glass fiber and use optimal mechanical layer tay -up design. With a high flexing resistance and excellent. mechanical property, they are especially suitable for heavy earthquake area for its anti-seismic conditions (g≤1).

6 - The material characteristics of products determines that they can resist great changes of temperature between 50℃ and ﹣50℃.

7 - The antifouling property of silicon rubber bushing is excellent and the products are widely used in area with heavy pollution. ChinSun@ RIP and RIF wall bushing, RIP and RIF transformer bushing are suitable for these areas.

8 - Benefits from above advantages, we can guarantee own a longer service life and lower cost for long-time running than the traditional oil paper bushing.

9 - The production cycle is short. They can be designed and produced according to different operating requirements of customers, fast and flexible.


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