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What is the difference of RIP bushing and OIP bushing
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Dry type RIP bushing VS Oil type OIP bushing
Comparison   itemDry type bushing  Oil type bushing
Named RIP ( Resin Impregnated Paper)  OIP (Oil   Impregnated Paper)
Product TypeTransformer bushingWall bushingTransformer bushingWall bushing
Oil / Oil transformer bushingOutside to insideOil / Oil transformer   bushingOutside to inside
Oil / Air transformer bushingOutside to outsideOil / Air transformer   bushingOutside to outside
Oil / SF6 transformer bushingInside to insideOil / SF6 transformer   bushingInside to inside
Comparison1-   The internal insulation is a solid structure, no oil leakage, no maintenance   for 30 years1-   The internal insulation is oil structure, need fill oil into it, need to   update the oil every 2-3 years, and there's risk of oil spill.
2- According to mechanical performance design, high bending   strength, suitable for heavy earthquake area for conditions (g≤1).2 -   The bending strength is normal, and the severe earthquake area is easy to   crack.
3- The material characteristics of products   determine that they can resist great changes of temperature between 155 ℃ and   ﹣200 ℃,avoid aging.3- If   the oil body is not replaced in time,it will cause product age.
4 - Lightweight and compact, less than 50% of OIP4 -Two times the weight of   RIP.
5 - easy to install, it can be powered   immediately after installation 5 - After installation, it   takes 48 hours to power on

What is the difference of RIP bushing and OIP bushing

What is the difference of RIP bushing and OIP bushing


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