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Current Transformer
LGBJ Dry-Type High Voltage Current Transformer


LGBJ Dry-Type High Voltage Current Transformer

LGBJ Dry-Type High Voltage Current Transformer

Product introduction
The current transformer is composed of carrier fluid, capacitor core, household jacket, umbrella skirt, secondary winding, bottom box, end structure and other important components. At the bottom of the box body is equipped a measuring terminal and open it at the time of partial discharge and dielectric loss factor measurement and it shall be reliably grounded during normal operation.


Reference standard
GB 1208-2006 Current Transformer


a.It is organic composite insulation which has the advantages such as oil-free, porcelain-free, gas-free (SF6) and maintenance-free.
b.The pollution flashover voltage the external insulation is high.
c.Its dielectric loss is low (not more than 0.2%).
d.The level of partial discharge is low (not more than 5pC)
e.High measuring accuracy.
f.With small size and light weight and it is convenient for transport and installation.


Service Conditions
Ambient Temperature:-50℃~+50℃
Height Above Sea Level :The standard design is less than or equal to 1000m. When it is more than 1000m, correct it according to GB311.
Pollution Level: the third or fourth level


Main Performance Indexes
Rated Voltage:35KV、66KV、110KV、220KV
Rated Current: ≤2500A
Insulation Level :( see table below)
Temperature Rise: No more than 85K
Rated Secondary Current: 5A or1A
Rated?Power: 10~60A
Measuring Winding Accuracy Class: 5P、10P、5PR、10PR、TPY


Electrical Test
60s power frequency withstand voltage, partial test, dielectric loss and capacitance, error test, volt-ampere characteristic test, grade test, open circuit test, etc.


Operating Maintenance


Ordering Information
a.Provide the rated voltage, rated current, the secondary winding’s number and performance parameters (such as rated current ratio, winding accuracy class, rated load, etc).
b.For the protection of winding, it also needs to provide accurate limit parameters.
c.For the protection of winding with TPY level, it also needs to provide a working cycle, short circuit coefficient, accuracy time maintenance and other parameters.


Insulation level

LGBJ Dry-Type High Voltage Current Transformer


Terminal blocks 

LGBJ Dry-Type High Voltage Current Transformer


Installation dimensions

LGBJ Dry-Type High Voltage Current Transformer

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