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GIS Bushing
72.5kV to 400kV GIS bushing

ChinSun dry type GIS casing installation method, including the following manufacturing steps:



1- The inner insulator is first immersed in the outer surface of the RIP conductor with fibers, and then wound by a microcomputer controlled machine tool to fix the inner insulator to the outside of the conductor by winding;


2- then mounting the flange on the outside of the inner insulator to form a seal between the flange and the inner insulator during installation;


3- Fit the ground terminal to the flange;


4- The outer insulator is fitted on the outside of the inner insulator, and the lower end of the outer insulator abuts between the flange and forms a seal;


5- Put the pressure equalizing ball from the top of the conductor until the pressure equalizing ball presses the inner insulator and the outer insulator, and the installation is completed.


Why is ChinSun GIS Bushing?


1- Its inner insulator is in the form of RIP+ impregnated fiber, which greatly simplifies the structural form of the product and basically forms the difficulty of sealing. Due to the internal improvement to the dry structure, the SF6 gas inside the casing is eliminated, thereby fundamentally solving the leakage. Guaranteed product sealing reliability.


2- The external insulator of the utility model may be a composite outer insulator or a porcelain outer insulator, and no SF6 gas is filled between the inner and outer insulators, so all running tests related to the SF6 gas can be eliminated, thereby minimizing operation and maintenance. The input of personnel and equipment makes the operation and maintenance of the product simple and easy to implement, and the cost is small.


3- The utility model has a dry structure as a whole. Even when operating under extremely low temperature conditions, the SF6 gas liquefaction does not occur at low temperature due to the absence of SF6 gas filling inside, avoiding product power failure and ensuring safe and reliable operation of the product.

72.5kV to 400kV  GIS bushing


  • Electrical data
Technical standardsGB/T 4109-2008 IEC 60137 Ed.6.0
Rated voltage72.5kV126kV252kV
Rated current
1min power frequency dry(wet) voltage withstand155kV255kV550kV
Full-wave impulse withstand voltage of lighting325kV550kV1050kV
Operation impulse withstand voltage850kV
Under 1.05 times of maximum phase voltage tan δ≤0.004
Partial discharge under the rated voltage≤10pC
Bending resistant test load2000N3150N4000N
The minimum nominal creepage distance31mm/kV
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