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Transformer Bushing
252kV Dry type RIP Transformer Bushing

When any grounding material exists, the bushing design must be able to withstand the electric field intensity generated in the insulation. As the intensity of the electric field increases, a leak path may be formed in the insulation. If the energy of the leakage path overcomes the dielectric strength of the insulator, it may puncture the insulation layer and transmit the electrical energy to the nearest grounding material, leading to combustion and arc discharge.


A typical bushing design has a "conductor" (usually made of copper or aluminum, and occasionally other conductive material), except for the terminals, which are surrounded by an insulating layer.


In the case of the busbar, the conductor terminal will support the busbar in its position. In the case of a casing, the fixture will also be attached to the insulator to hold it in place. Usually, the fixed point is an integral part or part of the insulation around the insulating surface. Insulation between fixed points and conductors is the most stressed area.


The design of any electrical sleeve must ensure that the electrical strength of the insulating material can withstand the penetrating "electrical energy" through the conductor through any high-stress area. It must also be able to withstand endurance, occasional and special high-pressure moments, and normal continuous use of withstand voltage, as it is to guide and control the leakage path development rather than the current voltage.


The insulated sleeve/bushing can be installed indoors or outdoors, and the choice of insulation depends on the installation location and the electrical use of the casing.


For the successful operation of the bushings over the years, the insulating materials must remain effective in composition and design and will be a key factor in their survival. Therefore, the liner can be very different in material and design style.

Resin impregnated paper (RIP) is a term used for bushing, wherein the main insulation consists of a core of crepe paper and then impregnated with a curable resin. The outer insulation is made of silicone rubber. The ChinSun RIP axis is characterized by its excellent technical performance: compact and lightweight design for easy transportation, storage and installation, and no oil building needs maintenance, no leakage, so it is very safe and environmentally friendly.

ChinSun provides a variety of RIP bushing for ac transformers and reactors, ac wall applications and ac switching devices. Our casing is developed through the power grid and mineral oil applications.


ChinSun® - Professional dry type silicone rubber bushings.

252kV Dry type RIP Transformer Bushing

252kV Dry type RIP Transformer Bushing

252kV Dry type RIP Transformer Bushing

252kV Dry type RIP Transformer Bushing

  • Electrical data
Technical standardsGB/T 4109-2008 IEC 60137 Ed.6.0
Rated voltage252kV
Rated current630-1600A
1min power frequency dry(wet) voltage withstand505(460)kV
Full-wave impulse withstand voltage of lighting1050kV
Operation impulse withstand voltage 850kV
Under 1.05 times of maximum phase voltage tan δ≤0.004
Partial discharge under the rated voltage≤10pC
Bending resistant test load4000-5000N
The minimum nominal creepage distance31mm/kV
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