An Introduction of the Filling Paste for Porcelain Bushings

ChinSun uses a special filling paste between the inner and outer insulation gap space of the bushings.


This filling paste is a type of insulation polymer,a high-molecular white high-viscosity polymer with high viscosity index, insoluble in water, and does not flow naturally.

It has weather resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, air tightness, and has volume resistivity, high insulation withstand voltage, dielectric loss factor, small expansion coefficient, strong thermal stability, and it doesn’t contain metal ions and other harmful substances.


It is a special material for filling the gap space of the high-voltage bushing, which has good compatibility with the inner capacitive core and the outer porcelain housing. After filled with it, the bushing can be well protected from moisture, water and insulation expansion or shrinking, so that we can thoroughly solve the leakage and protection problems of the bushing under various environmental and climatic conditions to ensure the stability and reliability of the bushing.

This guarantees the bushing being safely used in a variety of environment even harsh weather conditions.


Technical Specification of the Filling Paste

Specification item Technical data
appearance white viscous polymer
Density g/ml 0.45
Flash point ℃ ≥210
Oil separation@100℃/24hours(Wt%) 0
volatility@100℃/24 hours(Wt%) ≤1.0
Oxidative induction period@190℃(min) ≥30
Acid value(mgKOH/g) ≤0.5
Hydrogen evolution amount@80℃/24hours(μVg) ≤0.03
Dielectric constant@50Hz,25℃ 1.6~1.66
Volume resistivity@23℃( 19*1014
Dielectric loss factor,1MHz 4.4~4.5*10-4