Project Description

Dry Type High-voltage Bushing for Power Transformer

126kV Bushings for Transformer & breakers:

  • Bushing insulation core type: RIP/RIS/RIN(RIN is for Russian market).
  • Rated Voltage – 126kV
  • Rated Current – 630A to 3150A
  • BIL- 550kV peak value
  • Power frequency Withstand Voltage – 225kV r.m.s.value
  • Partial discharge ≤ 5 pC
  • Dielectric dissipation factor (tanδ)≤0.4%
  • Seismic Condition meets with IEC TS 61463
  • Test tap can be designed to 2 pieces quantity.
  • External Insulation type: Grey polymer (silicone rubber with Uv protection) & brown Pocelain.

126(123)kV porcelain bottom connection type:

126(123)kV porcelain draw lead type

126(123)kV polymer (silicone rubber) bottom connection type

126(123)kV polymer (silicone rubber) draw lead type

China Insulated Bushing Supplier – ChinSun. We offer 52kV, 72.5kV, 100kV, 123kV, 145kV, 170kV, 245kV, 300kV, 362kV, 420kV, 550kV RIP Transformer Bushings. Also, we offer RIS Bushings for Transformers.

PDF display:

1-  Transformer Bushing Parameter Catalogue 52kV to 550kV

2-   Wall Bushing Parameter Catalogue 52kV to 362kV

China Bushings Manufacturer & Producer ChinSun supplies hv without oil type bushings of transformer, bushings of wall, and oil to oil bushings. ChinSun also produces Oil SF6 Bushings, GIS Bushings. Good quality China Bushings but lower bushing price.

PDF display :

1-  Transformer bushing Installation & Maintenance Instruction

2-  Wall Bushing Installation & Maintance Instruction