Project Description

  1. RIS 172kV Wall Bushing
  2.  Application: indoor – indoor, outdoor – indoor, outdoor – outdoor
  3.  Standard: IEC 60137 – 2017
  4.  Inner Insulation Type: RIP & RIS. According to requirement.
  5.  External Insulation Type: Polymer (silicone rubber with Uv protection) & Porcelain
  6.  Rated Current: 630A – 12,000A
  7.  BIL – 750kV
  8.  Power-frequency withstand voltage (dry) – 325kV
  9.  Dielectric dissipation factor (tan δ)- ≤0.4%
  10.  Partial discharge (pC)- ≤5 pC
  11.  Test tap is be provided.

170kV porcelain wall bushing

170kV polymer (silicone rubber) wall bushing

For your hv bushings projects, we offer a resonable price to support your tender. Insulation bushings always to be needed to meet the seismic conditions, so ChinSun wall bushings and transformer bushings have met the IEC TS 61463 seismic conditions requirement.

PDF Display:

1-  Wall Bushing Parameter Catalogue 52kV to 362kV

2-  Transformer Bushing Parameter Catalogue 52kV to 550kV

ChinSun is a hv mv wall bushing manufacturer in China. We offer paper type and paperless type bushings. Such as 66kV, 126kV, 145kV, 172kV, 252kV, 363kV, 550kV wall bushing & transformer bushing.

PDF Display:

1-  Wall Bushing Installation & Maintance Instruction

2-  Transformer bushing Installation & Maintenance Instruction