The Production Process of RIS Bushing


The Structure-of-RIS-Transformer-Bushing

1、Produce bushing cores, where (10) RIS Core and the outer (11) resin-impregnated synthetic fiber layer together form the core of the bushing. The function of (11) resin-impregnated synthetic fiber layer is to improve the mechanical characters of the bushing core.

2、Electrical testing for bushing core

3、Machining for bushing core

4、Bushing assembly:

(1) Combine the bushing core and (08) Flange through (05) Adhesive, in which the (06) Fluorine-silicone rubber sealing ring and (09) Pressure ring for sealing are used to ensure a good seal between the bushing and the flange. And (08) Flange is equipped with (07) Test tap.


(2) (02) Conductor passes through bushing core and is fixed together with (03) Anti-corona head and core at the top of the bushing. There is a (12) Nylon insulation ring at the oil end of the bushing to ensure the coaxial design of (02) Conductor and core. And there is a (13) Fluorine-silicone rubber gasket between (14) Bottom terminal and core to ensure the sealing performance of the bushing oil end.


(3) Installation (04) Silicone rubber sheds.


(4) Connect the upper end of (02) Conductor and (01) Connection terminal with bolts.


5、Routine testing for bushing

6、Inspection before packing

7-  Packing


RIS Bushing Structurer